Different Types of Forklifts

Forklifts are used to safely handle loads in a warehouse or construction site. There are different types of forklifts to fit a wide range of different applications.

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Reach front Forklifts

Industrial reach forklifts are well-known for their lift height. They’re perform perfectly in any warehouse with elevated pallet racking. There’s three different types of reach forklifts that can be used in various situations:

Stand-up Forklifts

Stand-up lift trucks are the current favorite in the market because of smaller size it has more maneuverability in tight spaces. These trucks allow easy loading and unloading. The front has two forks that slide underneath palleted loads, for lifting and transport.

Double-deep Forklifts

Double-deep lift trucks look similar to stand-up trucks, but they have longer forks; they are ideal machines for places where multiple pallet loads are stored in bays. These long forks can reach all the way to the rear of the bay and pick up multiple pallets at once.

Straddle Trucks

Straddle trucks are another type of long fork truck, but they can also grab the edges of the pallet to provide better stability and easier access. Straddle trucks are the best choice when there are several loads in a single bay that can be accessed from different angles because the straddle truck can grip loads in the back part of the bay.

Industrial Side Loader Forklifts

Side loader forklift trucks are best for use in narrow aisles or tight spaces. The forks are mounted on the side of the lift and can handle wide and/or long loads that a conventional reach front forklift would not be able to handle. They have tighter turning radiuses that allow for more maneuverability.

Sideloader forklifts with enclosed cabs adds safety when used for outdoor projects, and a stand up forklift for indoor lifting and storage. You can even get a multi-directional forklift with three wheels, letting the operator travel in any direction.

Multi-directional forklifts are best used for the lift and handling of pipes, tubing, and sheet metal materials. Sideloaders are frequently seen in timber production because they can haul long heavy loads in narrow spaces.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

In the business of outdoor construction with tough terrain, a rough terrain forklift is a good buy. The heavy tires with thicker threads give improved stability on bumpy ground. They also have powerful engines allowing it to go faster. They’re extremely durable and very robust machines.

These forklifts can transport hefty loads over rough terrain, and some brands can handle nearly 3 tons per load. The forklift has a calibrated counterbalance in the rear to prevent overbalancing. It can easily perform in snow, mud or even ice.

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Trucks

Pedestrian operated pallet reach trucks are usually found in storage facilities and warehouses because they offer easy transfer of pallets. Pedestrian operated trucks use forks to slide underneath pallets and they have a hydraulic jack that lifts the freight from the ground.

The pallet truck is only used for moving loads from one place to another at ground level because it cannot reach far.

Straddle Carriers

Straddle carriers are used to handle containers and oversized loads on land, and can be used in place of a crane. The way straddle carriers work is by straddling the load from over top, and it raises it up from the ground and drives it away.

Straddle Carrier

These machines are made to be lightweight and have a small footprint. Which makes these machines great for reducing storage size and working in smaller spaces.

Counterbalance Forklifts

Counterbalance forklifts are most often seen being used in indoor warehouses and large department stores. They can travel outdoors, on smooth ground. They offer simple controls for the operator and have dual forks for lifting and transporting heavy loads.

Telescopic Handler Forklifts

Telescopic handler forklifts are well-suited for use in agriculture and any commerce that requires high lifting. They’re sometimes referred to as small cranes, not forklift trucks.

Telescopic handlers have an enormous, single telescopic boom that provides for more power and flexibility. Telescopic handlers have attachments like a bucket for lifting humans and/or materials, a lift table, pallet fork and muck grabber.

With the attachments, the operator can do work at high levels that other forklifts won’t reach. Telescopic handlers are used in the construction and agriculture industries due to their incredible flexibility.

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