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Combilift and Canrack

In Modern Metals recent issue, Olympic Steel shares their story on how they improved storage and efficiency. Their warehouse plans are now a success, with the help of Combilift Canrack Storage Systems.

electric forklift

Electric Forklift?

Maybe your specific application requires a machine with the lowest carbon emissions, reduced noise and for a clean operation. If so, an electric forklift is probably for you . Electric forklifts can be powered by a variety of different ways, lead acid batteries, Gel Type or Lithium batteries. Charging can be provided for high cycle operations as well. Click here and see more detail about various electric forklift configurations to see what type may be best suited for your operation.

Combilift CB4 Multi-Directional Lift Trucks

Different Types of Forklifts

There are several types of forklifts that are designed for different types of jobs. Find out more about the different types of forklifts.

Aisle Master Narrow Aisle Forklift

What is Material Handling

Material handling is the movement and storage of products and materials during its’ various stages of industry including: manufacturing, warehousing, delivery, use and discarding.