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Container Handlers

With Easy Street MHE

FTMH Container Handler

Container Handling Equipment

Weather you’re handling large over-sized loads or intermodal shipping containers, Easy Street has the perfect container handling machines. Combilift Straddle Carriers allows easy maneuvering of heavy over-sized loads and containers.

The Megalift easily can ground load, trailer to ground / ground to trailer, chassis transfer and train transfer.

For safe loading and unloading containers, the Combilift slip sheet container loader fulfills the need.

Our container handing equipment can improve your container and heavy handling operation. Read below to learn more about our container handling equipment.

FTMH Container Lift Truck

Container lift trucks for excellent visibility and superb stability. Stack to 5 to 9 containers high with FTMH container lift truck.

FTMH Container Handler

FTMH “Double Box” telescopic spreader allows operator to have full visibility of the hooks at any stacking position as well as total safety thanks to its side clamping system and the strong upper container back-rest.

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Mega Lift

The Mega Lift container handler allows for easy and quick offloading onto the ground and easily operates on any ground conditions. Hydraulic sliding cranes are attached to trailer and can lift 20′ or 40′ containers.

With the MegaLift you can easily transfer container from one trailer to another. Save money with the MegaLift by eliminating the need for cranes or loading ramps.

Megalift Container Handling Machine

Save time by offloading in just two minutes. The engine is fully independent and load handling is fully operational by remote control.

View video to view the MegaLift in action. Learn more about this machine by visiting our MegaLift page.

Easy Street is a proud authorized North America dealer for Megalift. If you would like to see this machine in person please contact us!

Straddle Carriers

The straddle carrier has a light footprint – straddling the load from above, allowing for quick maneuvering and storing of containers.

Straddle Carrier Container Handler

Benefits of the Straddle Carrier

Storage space is saved using the Straddle Carrier! Containers can be handled and stacked within aisles as narrow as 19 ft. You can save time and money! This machines unloads in two minutes.

The Combi SC is made for double stacking containers and fits through doorways. Plus it can be fully operated remotely! Remote operating allows 360 degree visibility.

Sheet Slip Container Loader

The Combilift Sheet Slip loads and unloads full loads in and out of a container with the press of a single button. This machine is perfect for Logistics, Steel, Plastics, Warehouse and Lumber industries.  See the Sheet Slip Container Loader in action below:

Safely Unloading with Combi CSS

When loads are packed very tightly, it can be difficult to unload the container without causing damage to the product.

The Combi CSS Sheet Slip container loader works by slipping under the entire load, allowing for the safest unloading. Laser guide alignment auto detects container length, and for full visibility, there are three operator cameras.

Container Handling with Easy Street

We have you covered when it comes to container handling equipment. We have over 35 years of experience improving heavy handling operations with our heavy equipment.

Easy Street experts have the knowledge to provide you with the best container handler for your business application.

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