FE4P50N Noblelift Forklift

4-Wheel Electric Forklift

Noblelift Forklift

Noblelift MODEL FE4P50N    

Unit Type 4-Wheel Electric Forklift, Front Wheel Drive
Load Capacity 5,000lb
Load Center  24″
Power 48V/600Ah Standard
Battery Charger 48V/80A 220V/3 Phase Input
Fork Dimensions 42″ Standard
Std Lift Height 189″ Standard
Collapsed Height  80.5″
Mast Stages 2 or 3
Turning Radius 80.7″
•Side Shift
•Blue Light
•Rear Work light
•Rear Grab Bar with Horn
•USB Connector
•Deluxe Suspension Seat
•Dual Rearview Mirrors
•OHG: 80.5”
•Tires: Drive – Solid Pneumatic, 23 x 9-10-18PR
•Steer – Solid Pneumatic, 18 x 7-8-14PR

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Noblelift Forklifts

Noblelift electric forklifts are a great way to enhance warehouse productivity. These units reduce operation cost and come in Lithium battery options for even quicker charge. We keep most units in stock. Visit our our Lithium forklift page for more information on the Lithium options.

Noblelift Forklift Features

Noblelift units come with Curtis Computer control systems which monitors all the forklift functions and assures the AC motor’s best performance and efficiency. For excellent turning performance these units are equipted with all-around front wheel drive.

Noblelift forklifts are made with full comfort and ergonomics for operator safety and increased efficiency. Batteries are long lasting, documented to have 12 hour run time.

Easy Street Noblelift Demo

We are a proud authorized dealer for Noblelift material handling equipment. Easy Street is able to demo most of the Noblelift forklifts and electric walkie machines. Fill out our formbox for a free demo or call us directly at (630) 682-0021.