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Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle forklifts offer much more maneuverability than standard forklifts. Handle loads in 6 ft aisles with our narrow aisle forklifts!

Easy Street provides expert warehouse design layouts that can help your business increase the amount of product in your space.

We always have Narrow Aisle Forklifts available for rent!

We proudly provide residents in the greater Chicago area and the surrounding cities with narrow aisle forklifts ideal for any tight spaces.

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Providing Narrow Aisle Storage

Utilize your existing space and easily move products with our top-quality narrow aisle forklifts. Our Combilift equipment provides an array of benefits that traditional forklifts are not equipped to handle.

Our narrow aisle forklifts are designed with versatility and flexibility in mind for the toughest jobs out there. Increased visibility, narrow aisle/selective storage and more efficient material handling provides the user with the perfect material handling solution.

Choosing Combilift machines for your material handling needs will increase your production efficiency and eliminate many challenges that traditional forklift machines pose for you and your business. Read below to learn more about the benefits.

Benefits of Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Our narrow aisle forklift for tight spaces options can be provided with a wide range of lift heights to facilitate the collection of individual items for any given order. Most often, they are used to pick and store inventory. But, each unit has a variety of benefits that improve efficiency and productivity in logistical environments.

Cost effective — These smaller, more compact, narrow aisle forklifts offer better use of warehouse storage. Narrow aisle forklifts are perfect when you need more storage space. Increasing storage capacity by up to 50% provides extra storage without expanding the existing warehouse footprint. They’ll pay for themselves in the short term as you notice a lower per pallet cost as compared to traditional lift trucks.

Safety — Using a standard sized forklift in confined environments leaves the operator open to risk of injury and damage to forklift or products. The extreme maneuverability of narrow aisle forklifts decreases risks to both personnel and inventory. They’re constructed for outstanding operators visibility resulting in increased safety.

Maneuverability — They’re specifically designed to function efficiently in the narrowest of aisles and tight storage spaces.

Articulating forks — With articulating mast and forks, the narrow aisle forklift truck can drive straight down an aisle without having to turn the truck to pick an order. The articulating mast allows the operator to grab product from both sides of an operating aisle. No special guidance system is required to realize the narrowest aisles using an articulating forklift.

Below is our narrow aisle equipment:

Aisle Master

Articulated Narrow Aisle Forklift

Can stack in aisles as narrow as 6 ft and lift loads up to 49 ft high

3,300 lbs – 6,000 lbs Capacity

Aisle Master

Increase Efficiency

The Aisle-Master series combines the features of multiple machines. You’ll get the benefits of a counterbalanced and narrow aisle forklift in the same machine. Also, the Aisle Master can operate on various floor surfaces, indoor and outdoor. The Aisle Master has over articulation of the mast at 205° as opposed to 180°, providing a great advantage when moving loads in and out of the storage system, especially oversized loads. See below:

aisle master forklift


The articulated design offers unbeatable maneuverability and superb visibility for drivers. Requiring as little as 72 inch aisles, these lift trucks can hoist up to 2,500 lbs as high as 50 feet. Read more on our Aisle Master page.

Aisle Master Stand Up

Easy Street is Proud to provide the new Aisle Master Order Picker! The Aisle Master Stand Up unit is easy for the operator to step on and off, increasing pallet picking. Visit our Aisle Master OP Page for more information on how the Aisle Master Stand Up option can improve your warehouse efficiency!

Combi Order Picker

Ideal For Long Loads

Designed for the steel service industry this machine reduces wear and tear on Sideloaders by filling small orders from various location within the racking system.

Standard 1,000 lbs Capacity

Order Picker Forklift

About the Order Picker

The Combi Order Picker platform truck can operate in aisles as narrow as 52.5″. Operators can move through aisles, building small customer orders without pulling entire storage pans. The order picker has very few moving parts, making it less likely to break down. All things considered, the most cost effective solution to building smaller customer orders. 

Easy Street also offers pedestrian stackers that are ideal for very narrow aisle situations. Please fill out our form box for a free quote and demo or call us directly at 630-682-0021.