Pedestrian Stacker Lifts

Pedestrian Stackers

Pedestrian walkie stacker lift trucks are ideal for small warehouses and storerooms. They’re a safe and economical option for lifting and handling in tight spaces.

These walkie stackers function indoors or out. Your staff can handle standard pallets and awkward, long loads with ease and efficiency.

With models that lift up to 4,00 lbs, Easy Street has a walkie stacker for almost every application. Combilift’s patented tiller arm allows the operator to stand 90 degrees of the forks when moving in or out of loads, providing an outstanding safety factor and narrower storage aisles

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2-Way Pedestrian Reach Stacker

Patented multi-position tiller arm

UL safety rating options available

Can stack in narrow aisles

Up to 4,000 lbs Capacity

2-way walkie lift stacker

Increase Storage

The Combi-WR is a walkie reach stacker and is perfect for very narrow aisles. This is the only walkie stacker that can operate in a aisle width of less than 8 feet. 

Forklift Safety

This walkie stacker is designed to be very operator friendly. The patented tiller arm allows the operator to smoothly pick while standing at the side of the machine opposed to standing directly behind the machine and between the rack. This provides the operator a safer position. There’s also better visibility when the operator picks the load while standing to the side 90 degrees of the fork’s direction. 


4-way Pedestrian Reach Stacker

Patented multi-position tiller arm

UL safety rating options available

Can stack in aisles as narrow as 6’10”

Four directional maneuverability  provides the ability to move long loads in limited spaces

4,400 lbs Capacity

Combi-WR4 Pedestrian Stacker Lift Trucks

About the Combi-WR4

The Combi-WR4 is a 4-way pedestrian reach stacker combines multi-directional travel with features such as a pantograph reach, side shift and tilting fork carriage for handling long loads and pallets in very narrow aisles and is able to work in aisle widths of 83 inches load to load.

With its unique patented multi-positon tiller arm, electronic power steering and fingertip controls it’s easy and effortless to operate. Push button control rotate the rear wheel parallel to the chassis and back again which reduces the need for leaning, reaching and bending and minimizes general manual strain when picking and placing loads.


Counterbalance Pedestrian Stacker

Patented multi-position tiller

Can stack in very narrow aisle

2,200 lbs – 3,300 lbs Capacity

Combi-CS Pedestrian Stacker Lift Trucks


Powered Pallet Lift Truck

Stand on or walk behind

Patented rotating tiller arm

6,000 lbs – 33,000 lbs Capacity

Combi-PPT Powerd Pallet Lift Trucks

Pick Pallets Efficiently

Our Combilift electric power jack is perfect for palletized and heavy loads. This truck has power steering and a patented rotating tiller arm that freely turns to the left and right of the machine allowing safe picking and full visibility of the load. Standing 90 degrees of the fork direction allows easy maneuverability around the warehouse. These versatile machines come in capacities up to 33,000 lbs. and can be customized to suit any specific customer requirements