Electric Forklift?

Instead of using a diesel or LPG engine, an electric forklift is may be the better solution for your specific application.  Clean operating machines with no emissions using either lead acid or lithium battery provides for a rechargeable lower cost power source and reduced machine maintenance costs.

Combi-PPT Powerd Pallet Lift Trucks

Also, electric powered machines are more often associated with indoor narrow aisle storage systems, either guided or non-guided configurations.

Most Common Types of Electric Forklifts

Traditional counterbalance forklifts – which most often provide a cleaner more cost effective solution to an IC powered Counterbalance unit, however, are designated to indoor operation with no particular advantage to safety, storage or efficiency over the IC powered counterbalance truck.

VNA, Narrow Aisle Forklifts – Narrow aisle forklifts come in IC and electric versions and are more associated with the concepts of safety, storage and efficiency. IC powered Narrow aisle forklifts are used outdoor or as indoor/outdoor machines providing the user the ability to safely move long and cumbersome loads from in and out through narrow doorways and aisle ways.

The obvious advantage being condensed selective storage and never having to carry long loads over-top people, machines, or other inventories. Providing a safe and efficient way to move and store materials making the best use of the space available.

Electric narrow aisle machines, just like IC counterparts are designed to improve safety, storage and efficiency, but more commonly associated with very narrow mechanical or electric guided aisle systems, allowing for the best use of space both horizontally and vertically, while providing optimum speed and selectivity of materials.

VNA ( Narrow Aisle ) forklift configurations

Articulated Forklift РSit down or stand up, for non guided narrow aisle applications handling pallerized loads, electric and IC configurations.

Sideloader Forklifts РSit down or stand up for both guided and non guided applications usually associated with handling long and cumbersome materials, electric and IC configurations. Sideloaders come in a wide range of capacities from 2,000 lbs up to 50,000 lb capacity.

Four Directional Forklifts – Both counterbalance and sideloading, allow for maximum storage capabilities in rack storage systems as well as block stacking providing for selectivity and maximum use of space and movement of long and cumbersome loads safely.

Pedestrian ( Walkie ) Forklifts – Come in many configurations allowing for the user to store and operate in confined spaces and especially more daefly when in close proximity to Pedestrian traffic. Walkie reach trucks are most commonly associated with storage of palletized and sometimes long or odd shaped loads throughout facilities use both in manufacturing or loading transport vehicles.

Special expanded capacity Powered Pallet trucks move loads as heavy as 30,000 lbs. Four directional Walkie reach trucks are also available providing a pedestrian machine which can handle long load as well as palletized loads maximizing a storage system with a mix of products

Electric Forklift Advantages

Electric forklift are a good fit for almost all indoor applications, but very effective in warehousing, food and beverage applications. Green operational requirements, lower cost fuel requirements and operational expenses are the main features when considering electric over IC products, creating a growing trend to switch over to electric forklifts.

Advantages go beyond operating costs and clean energy, performances are equal to or grater than traditional IC powered machines. Recharging stations for electric trucks eliminate the requirement for fuel storage. This helps the facility to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Electric Forklifts from Easy Street

Easy Street MHE offers a wide range of narrow aisle electric forklifts for handling all types and configurations of materials with focus on safety, storage and efficiencies to better serve our customers material handling requirements.

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