Noblelift PTE40L

Electric Pallet Jack


PTE40L Standard Features:


• American Curtis Travel Controller
• AC drive motor
• 24V/160Ah AGM maintenance-free battery
• 24V/10A 110V built-in charger
• 24” load center
• Fork size: 27”W x 48”L
• 8.3″x2.8″ polyurethane drive tire
• 2.9″x3.9″ polyurethane load wheels
• High ground clearance
• Emergency power disconnect
• Ergonomic control handle with horn and belly button
• Dual butterfly-style thumb controls
• Crawl speed button for safe operation in tight space
• Key switch limits access to approved personnel
• Travel speed: 3.3mph (unloaded), 3.1mph (fully loaded)
• Dual Stability casters

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