Noblelfit Edge 45

Lithium – Electric Pallet Truck

Nobelift Edge Pallet Truck

PTE45N Standard Features:


•American Curtis Travel Controller with CAN-bus Control
•Brushless DC permanent magnetic drive motor
•48V/20Ah Lithium-Iron Battery Pack
•48V/9A charger 110V
•Fast charging 2 hours only
•Extremely compact design and turning radius
•Service weight only 330lbs
•Fork size: 27”W x 45.3”L
•8.3″x2.8″ polyurethane drive tire
•3.1″x3.7″ polyurethane load wheels
•Ergonomic control handle with horn

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About the Noblelift Edge Pallet Truck

The innovative Noblelift Edge is provided with a maintenance-free lithium battery. You can get a full charge with this lithium battery in just 2 hours! With the Edge battery there is a battery indicator, hour meter, and fault code indicator.

Quick and safe engine on and off with keyless Pin-Code Panel or RFID Cards limits limiting access. Easily operation with dual butterfly-style thumb control for travelling. Lifting and Lowering with ease with electric buttons to lift and lower.

Easy Street Pallet Trucks

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