multidirectional forklifts

Multi-directional Forklifts

Multi-directional Forklifts allow movement for long and awkward loads in all four directions, and you get all the benefits of counterbalanced forklifts, sideloader forklifts and narrow aisle lift trucks in one vehicle.

Avoid the need for extra forklifts by using these versatile machines indoors and out. We also have models that are UL safety rated.

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Multidirectional Forklift 3 Wheeled Sideloader Forklift

Combilift C Series Multi-Directional Lift Trucks

Ideal for long loads
4 – directional
All wheel drive
Product range available in LPG, Electric, Diesel
5,500 lbs – 55,000 lbs Capacity

Increase Warehouse Efficiency

The C-Series is a multi-directional forklift and quickly moves in all directions to easily maneuver long loads through narrow aisles and doorways. The Combi C-Series handles long loads safely and efficiently. It also effortlessly carries loads along the side of the machine which helps reduce fleet and product damage.

Designed to be three forklifts in one, the C-Series acts as a side loader forklift, counterbalance forklift and narrow aisle forklift. Fitting down narrow aisles with long heavy loads is a breeze, the aisle only needs to be the width of the machine.

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Multi-directional Counterbalanced Forklift

Combilift CB Multi-Directional Lift Truck

Multipurpose Lift Truck

Perfect for palletized and long loads
4 – directional, all wheel drive
Available in LPG, Electric, Diesel
5,000 lbs – 9,000 lbs Capacity

The Combilift CB series 4 way forklift is truly unique as it’s a zero turn radius counterbalance forklift that goes sideways with a full range of steering. This very versatile machine can work in a narrow aisle with long material as well as vans.

This truck acts as three forklifts in one having the benefits of a counterbalance, sideloader, and narrow aisle forklift.  The Combi-CB can carry palletized loads from the front similar to a conventional lift truck, but it can also carry long loads driving sideways making it work for several different load types.

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Multi-Directional Stand on Forklift

Combi MR

About the Combi-MR Reach Truck

Exceptional Maneuverability – four directional
Perfect for palletized and long loads
5,000 lbs capacity

The Combi-MR is a stand on reach truck, as well as multi-directional making it great for very tight aisles. This reach truck can also withstand driving on various surfaces because of it’s large rear wheel with 360 steering rotation.

Low operator entry and exit and ergonomic controls on the Combi-MR reach truck provides safer, quicker, and more efficient picking. Changing speed and direction adds to more efficient procedures using multi-functional controlled joystick.

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