Modern Metals Issue Featuring Combilift and Canrack

In Modern Metals recent issue, Olympic Steel shares their story on how they improved safety, storage and efficiency.  To reduce storage space, the right material handling equipment and racking system was needed.

Watch the video below to see Olympic Steel’s new Combilift ST sideloader operating within their new Canrack racking system.

The Customer’s Needs

Customer demand was growing, and Olympic Steel decided they needed to expand and build an addition to their existing facility. With limited square feet due to real estate and city restrictions, the expansion required needed narrow-aisle storage.

Product Quality Control

While working with narrow aisles it’s very important to maintain quality control. It was going to be a challenge maneuvering material easily within the facility without any damage, so Olympic decided to see how Combilift sideloaders and a guided cantilever rack system would work.

Warehouse Efficiency

Speed and maneuverability are two important components when maintaining warehouse efficiency. Combilift’s sideloader forklifts are designed to allow easy maneuverability of long loads within very narrow aisle storage system while proudly grant selectivity and cycle times.

Working in confined spaces is no challenge for Combilift’s ST. This forklift is designed to get long loads in and out of tight aisle very quickly. Also, the Combilift sideloader open stand-up cab design allows easier enter and exit for the operator when performing storage and picking operations.

Combilift’s ST series truck was a great fit for the client’s steel storage requirments, and Jeff Saxman at Easy Street MHE suggested they take a look at using Canrack’s racking systems.

Guided Racking System

The customer, “noticed that Canrack designed its racking system by taking into account how sideloader fork trucks operate, including how guided aisles are laid out”. Guided aisle help operators drive quickly in and out of the storage system while easily maintaining quality and inventory control.

Jason Clark, president at Canrack Storage Systems explains how he will “let the inventory tell how it needs to be stored”, and after knowing how the business operates they’re able to provide a design that works for the customer’s building layout and storage requirements.

The racking system the customer bought has tailored shelves to ensure material is always placed properly. This helps the forklift operator handle loads safely, quickly and efficiently without damaging any product.

Combilift Sideloader

With the combined guidance from Easy Street MHE and Canrack, Olympic Steel has a racking system and truck that’s customized for their inventory, storage requirements, and maximizes product control.

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